Quick Craft: {Jewelry Experiment}


Jewelry making can be a little intimidating, at least for me. However, with the right tools and a short tutorial, you can get started and make a simple statement necklace. Please take a look below and let me know your thoughts. This was a fun a simple project!


To make this necklace you need to know two things:

1: How to attach a jump ring to a bead and then to the necklace.
2: How to make an “adjustable knot”.

Use the right tools:

Having the right pliers can save you lots of headaches ;)

Having the right pliers can save you lots of headaches ;)

1: How to attach a jump ring

Grab jump ring with a flat nose plier. Then with a round nose plier, "open" jump ring using a "forward" motion. Do not try to "open" jump ring". Since this could damage it.

a: Grab jump ring with a flat nose pliers. b: Grab round nose pliers and “open” jump ring using a “forward” motion. (like shown above.) c: attach charm or bead to the chain and use the same forward motion to close jump ring,

Adjustable knot

I used a very thin leather cord to make this necklace. Each end of my “curb” gold chain has an adjustable knot, therefore I’m not using a traditional clasp or other hardware. The necklace is pretty long and comfortable. Please take a look at my tutorial on how to make an adjustable knot on this blog post. Once you are on this page, please scroll down to view my tutorial.

Yellow and Gold Statement Necklace

Yellow and Gold Statement Necklace 

I loved combining different materials and see how can I make a craft to be simple and enjoyable! Please let me know if you have any questions. All the materials I used can be found at Ben Franklin Crafts, Amazon or if you are in the Seattle area “Bead World” is a pretty cool store to visit.

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  1. I love the fall inspired necklace. A very easy to understand tutorial. :) Thanks for sharing at Craftionary. Have a good day!

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