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Crafts: {Silver Star}

kraft&mint diy silver star

Christmas season is almost officially here! The star above is a prop I designed for my son’s school Christmas program. Please take a look below at the brief tutorial I’ve put together for you :) I can’t wait to fully decorate my house for Christmas! What about you? Do you have your decorations up?

kraft&mint diy star materials

You’ll need just 3 materials (two are shown).

1. Floral flat wire in silver. (Two packs)

2. A pair of snips

3. Indoor battery operated white LED lights. (2 sets)

kraft&mint diy star tutorial

Draw a star on a white poster board or any piece of paper large enough to fit approximately a 18″ inches by 20″ inches star. Once you are satisfied with the star you drew, grab your floral wire and star molding it using your drawn star as a guide. You will repeat this process with your second set of floral wire. This way your star will be more sturdy. Please take a look at the picture below.

kraft&mint diy star tutorial

This is how my star looked once I was done molding the floral wire. Notice I secured each point of the star with additional floral wire. This made the star more sturdy and it helps the floral wire to keep its shape.

kraft&mint diy star tutorial

I wrapped two sets of indoor white lights. I used 1 set for the left side of the star and the other set for the right side. I made sure I wrapped the lights tightly. What do you think? This craft took about 4 hours total and the total cost was around $35. As always, I love your comments and I hope to hear from you or even better, I would love for you try to do this for your home ;)

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