Inspiration: { kraft & mint gift wrapping }


Almost five days from Christmas and I have a few presents wrapped! I feel very accomplished since as of yesterday morning I had not shopped for a single gift. My lovely husband got most of it done at Target but not without a little planning from me. I usually shop on Amazon but being so close to Christmas this was not doable. Target was the answer with their “pick up at store” feature. Basically, you can shop online and then filter your options by “online “, “in store” or “store pick up eligible”. The latter worked very well and I shopped for toys that were in stock and available for pick-up at my local Target. Then I printed my shopping cart and my husband was able to find and buy everything armed with a list of toys in stock. Does this make sense? Please take a look below at how my gift wrapping turned out ;)


I designed these tags earlier in december and offered them on kraft&mint as a freebie.

So what do you think? The materials I used is a roll of Kraft paper, white and grey baker’s twine and two white markers. I used this marker for the “photo corners” and this pen for writing the “to” and “from” message.


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