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kraft&mint DIY Geometric Moleskine Notebook
How many notebooks do you think you own? I think I have close to 40ish, give or take. Some are written from start to finish, others, have a few pages filled out, and the rest of the pages are left blank.

I bought a couple of white moleskine mini notebooks and decided to customize them by adding a watercolor pattern on the front. These were super easy to make! I used a printout of a watercolor design I made on the computer, matte mod-podge, a hexagon punch and one foam brush. That’s it! Please take a look below at a visual tutorial and instructions.

From left to write, use a white moleskine and print my watercolor pattern from my “downloads” page. With a hexagon punch, cut a few hexagons and arrange them on the cover of your moleskine. Once you are satisfied with a layout, apply matte mod-podge glue using a foam brush. Wait for the glue to dry and you are done!
kraft&mint DIY Geometric Moleskine Notebook

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