Have you ever dreamed of becoming a textile designer? What a fun job/craft would that be? Let me tell you how you can design and print your designs on fabric. It turns out that my… View Post

I love finding unusual greeting cards and either collect them and send them out when the ocassion arises, or I just display them for pure fun and inspiration. Here is a round up of beautiful… View Post

Sometimes I have the desire to send something more than an email or a plain txt. Being the app fanatic I am, I use a few apps that can achieve this purpose. I compiled them… View Post

When evite fails ( which is often ) pretty snail mail comes to the rescue. I finished the printed invitations for my daughter’s party. Everything is coming along nicely and this will probably be the… View Post

My kitchen needs some updating and for a quick fix for change I will print these on a small 8×8 canvas print. Please take a look. Which one is your favorite? Iphoneography for kitchen prints… View Post

Once you go across the mountains, going east of Seattle you arrive to the “sunny” side of Washington State. I was blessed to go on a family getaway with 2 other families and had an… View Post

June 15th is approaching faster than I thought and I’ve been squeezing little time, here and there to check off items of my list. The party favors are evolving and the idea below is the… View Post

Last christmas I decided to make gifts for teachers and neighbors. My first thought was to bake mini cupcakes and wrap them in some sort of cute packaging but then I thought of making a small stationery… View Post