Minecraft Chest Tutorial

Have you played Minecraft? Or do you have a child that plays Minecraft? Well, you might have a Minecraft party in the future ;) I blogged about my son’s Minecraft party and you can view… View Post

Minecraft Party

I finally had a chance to upload my son’s minecraft party photos ;) The party was LOTS of fun and my stress level very low. Please take a look below at the details and links… View Post

Inspiration: {Amazing Digital Content}

Hello! I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while and finally figured out how to share the content you are about to view. Have your heard of “Issuu”?  This is a website… View Post

Quick DIY Minecraft Cake

This weekend I threw a minecraft party for my 9-year-old boy and I baked my first 4 layer cake. I drew my inspiration from the photo below. Materials Square baking pans  (2) (These are the… View Post

Inspiration: {Tierlantijn}

Inspiration: {Tierlantijn}. If you want to be inspired by gorgeous objects and materials, click above ;)

Crafts: InspirationRX, Blue Jewelry

This week, I re-discovered one of the many journals I have and while perusing the pages of it, I found this quote I wrote on the very last page: “I am not a writer, but… View Post

Pumpkins with Feathers DIY

Pumpkins and feathers! What a beautiful combination of two organic elements. I  found 3 beautiful “cinderella” style white pumpkins at a local market and enjoyed crafting with one of them. The idea I will show… View Post

DIY 1 Step Hair Clips with nail polish

Have you ever used nail polish for a craft? Today I will share with you a super easy DIY hair clips with only 2 materials. Please take a look at the pictures below. I included… View Post

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