Thoughts: {Halloween…}

Halloween is upon us and I have a love/hate relationship with this evening. I met my husband at a Halloween party many  years ago, so that’s cool. However, Halloween can be a very stressful evening… View Post

Inspiration: Lovely Gift Wrapping Paper

On a few of my previous posts I’ve come up with different ways to wrap my gifts. Below I’ve put together a list of gorgeous wrapping paper by amazing stationery shops all around the world.… View Post

Crafts: {DIY Hostess’ Gifts}

{ Thank you Craftistas for providing all materials for this craft! All opinions and thoughts on this project are my own ;) } Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties season will be here in no time… View Post

Quick Craft DIY Trendy Hair Ties

I love visiting small boutiques in my neighborhood and support the community where I live. There is a cute little boutique next to my local Starbucks that I love to visit. My routine goes something… View Post

InspirationRX {Listen}

I’m participating in a creative exercise called “InspirationRX” via Besotted Brand blog. Each week we are given a prompt word and those participating come up with a creative expression such as an illustration, photo or… View Post

Inspiration: Black & white gift wrapping

What do you love the most about buying a gift for someone? For me, I love the process of wrapping the gift in an interesting way that will create more anticipation when is time to… View Post

DIY Yellow Gold Necklace

Jewelry making can be a little intimidating, at least for me. However, with the right tools and a short tutorial, you can get started and make a simple statement necklace. Please take a look below… View Post

Stationery: {Cards for my future shop}

I dream of having an online shop of a few things designed by me and stationery related objects. However, these days my “spare” time is limited and I need to make the best with what… View Post

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