Gift Wrapping with Big Photos

Soon enough I will be thinking about gift wrapping for Christmas! I did something similar to this design last year and my family loved it! I hope I’ve inspired you to try a new way… View Post

Quick Craft: Sparkle & Glitter Tape

Quick Craft: Sparkle & Glitter Tape Do you know there is a difference between sparkle tape and glitter tape? I discovered this when I worked on the craft above. Sparkle tape is much thinner and… View Post

Quick Craft: {DIY Hair Clips}

Quick Craft: {DIY Hair Clips}. Linking to these blogs: Life after laundry Domestic Superhero

APPS: {Studio}

If  you are a blogger, you want to read this. As a blogger I love to design compelling images that complement the blog post I’m working on. I usually don’t have time to sit down… View Post

Inspiration: {Suncadia Harvest Festival}

On one of my last  posts, I wrote about Fall traditions. Fall is becoming one of the favorite seasons for the whole family and this weekend we visited Suncadia’s harvest festival. We had a blast… View Post

Autumn Wreath DIY

Fall will be over before we know it, but I am determined to enjoy this season and make the most of it crafting wise ;) Lately I’ve really been into the color white and gold… View Post

Crafts: {Darby Smart Design Challenge}

Do you know Darby Smart? She is the mastermind behind , a company dedicated to creating beautiful DIY crafts kits that you can make at home. A week ago I received an email from Darby… View Post

Inspiration: {Fall Mantle}

I had a little bit of time to decorate this week for Fall. I’ve seen so many beautiful displays on many blogs and I’ve been tempted to buy some small white pumpkins… Thankfully I didn’t have… View Post

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