Make Modern St Patrick’s Day Crafts

  [highlight]Update:[/highlight] I have not forgotten about St Patrick’s Day! This craft is one of my favorite seasonal projects from last year and wanted to highlight it on the homepage and inspire your next St Patrick’s… View Post

St Patrick’s Day Crafts

Are you ever SO excited when working on a new project that you can NOT wait to share it on your blog? I’ve been working on a couple of crafts for St Patrick’s day and… View Post

Add color to your desk with Aqua Color and Bring back Spring

Bring back spring to your home with this easy DIY craft and cardstock papers. I came up with this craft on a whim. It was a gloomy afternoon with endless rain, and I needed to… View Post

Come view “hello, Wonderful!” website

Today I’m a guest at hello, Wonderful! hello, Wonderful! is a simple, beautiful place where you can easily find creative inspiration to enjoy with your kids: crafty ideas, amazing new products, quick solutions and everyday fun.… View Post

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have big plans or a nice evening planned at home, enjoy every bit of it with loved ones! I leave you with a few of my favorite books that depict many aspects of… View Post

“Life Is Too Short To Not Do What You Love” via @Maptia Blog

Wednesday marks the middle of the “work” week, though sometimes the “work” weekdays, blend with each other so much, I forget which day I am living in… I was very inspired by “Maptia’s” blog post… View Post

Inspiration: Etsy Treasury for Valentine’s Day

I could peruse handmade gifts on Etsy for hours on end. I love discovering new “gems” and artists’ work. Please take a look below at the items I’ve collected for you. Do you collect treasuries… View Post

DIY Valentines Message Board

Hello readers! I have a new Valentine’s craft to share with you and is probably the last one ;) I designed this board a few months ago during Thanksgiving season and added the ombre page… View Post

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