Rainy day activity box for kids

☁ Crafting time: 90 minutes – 120 minutes

kraft&mint rainy day activity box

What do you do with your kids when the weather is too hot or too cold and rainy to go outside? Usually the norm is rain where I live and many times, I find myself racking my brain trying to figure out things to do with the kids. Though, I think kids should have down time and be kids, having a plan is always good ;)

First, I made a list of activities I know my kids will enjoy. I have a few ideas pinned, but when it comes, to getting the kids motivated and out of the house, my brain goes blank. Hence, I made a list of doable endeavours that will guarantee some fun on rainy days during summer vacation. I wrote each activity on a small card and placed the cards in a box the kids can choose from.

Please take a look below for a quick tutorial, materials and activity ideas for rainy days ;)

kraft&mint rainy day box and cards


I made this box using an unfinished wood box from a craft store, gold paint and a pineapple rubber stamp. I placed it in the kitchen corner, next to my computer and of course it had to be cute. That’s the whole point, right? ;) Initially, I made the little cards above as my business cards, but I had a few extras so I ended up using them for this craft.

  1. Paint the box with craftsman Gold paint (or gold paint of your choice. Paint the top of the box white.
  2. Pineapples are so in right now, and I purchased a pineapple rubber stamp on amazon. I stamped one pineapple right in the middle where the box opens up.
  3. Business size cards fit perfectly inside my box. I stamped my cards with one of my favorite “cloud” rubber-stamp. Once the ink was dry, I brushed over the cards ( I used a foam paint brush) with the same gold paint I used for the box.
  4. Lastly, I wrote seven activity ideas, one on each card. The front of the card has a cloud, and the back has the activity. I love how this turned out, so maybe, when it rains, I’ll be looking forward to putting my little box to use!


  1. Wood box found at Ben Franklins Crafts
  2. Craftsmart Gold Paint
  3. White Acrylic Paint
  4. Kraft Business Cards from Paper Source
  5. Cloud Rubberstamp

kraft&mint rainy day activities box

Activities: (in no particular order).

  1. Make glow in the dark slime found at Sweet Paul Magazine
  2. Manila folders parking lot from Kids Activities Blog 
  3. Pick a subject with your kids, for example volcanoes, then go to the library and get your hands on as many volcanoes books you can find.
  4. Plan a minecraft day, sans the game itself. First, print this t-shirt from Funkytime, your kids will freak, then head over to Paper Minecraft website and print minecraft blocks paper templates. Print as many as you can and let the kids build “real” worlds to their heart’s content.
  5. Build a fort! A timeless classic that all kids love. Use blankets, pillows, couch, chairs, and make a fun fort with the kids. (Usually after all the fort roughhousing, I give them a quiet/reading time in their rooms.
  6. Last but not least, pack the kids in the car, head over the closest Starbucks drive-through and get yourself a nice caffeinated drink. Then come back home energized and play a board game with the kids.
  7. One more! Download a kid’s series audiobook. For example, Beatrix Potter collection came out in digital format. My son loves the “Magic Tree House” series and enjoys listening to these books. You can download the series on your phone and let your child listen quietly and content.


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  1. 2014/07/01 / 4:37 pm

    This is such a good idea! I will have to make one of these so my kids don’t sit glued to the tv all day when bad weather comes. :)

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