Hello, happy Friday!”  If this is your first time visiting kraft&mint, “Friday’s finds” is a series of posts where I share ideas and discoveries that may be helpful for you or just plain fun! Here… View Post

This is my first post for the collaboration series called “Between Lenses,” created by two bloggers I admire: Trina and Tara from “Of Trees and Hues” and “Tara Victoria.” The premise is the following: each… View Post

When I was in my teen years, my mom and I would go the local mall in Lima, Peru, and browse through many shops. As a teenager, my attention span was minimum. I wanted to… View Post

We love stories. Especially those with great endings that leave us inspired, hopeful, excited. We also love to tell stories, at least myself, I love getting together with friends, preferably around a meal and catch… View Post

Sometimes a small craft  using common materials, such as clothespins, will give you the most joy… While organizing my crafting space, I found many photos from previous years. These were not only pictures, but special… View Post

My favorite season will be here in a few weeks! Are you ready to say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall? I have to say; I’m excited for cooler days, pumpkin patches and apple cider.… View Post

Hello, happy Friday! This is my second post for “Friday’s Finds,” when I share ideas and discoveries that may be helpful for you or just plain fun! Here they go, in no particular order: I… View Post

Who knew Ikea sells backpacks? I was at my local Ikea a week ago and found a new backpack for my daughter. The best part, it was on sale for $9.99! This DIY was very… View Post