Friday’s Finds 8.15.14

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Hello, happy Friday! This is my second post for “Friday’s Finds,” when I share ideas and discoveries that may be helpful for you or just plain fun! Here they go, in no particular order:

I found on Pinterest a photo of an ice-cream parlor from my country. Don’t ask me why is called “Madness creamery” and not something cool in spanish. The space is out of this world and I wish I could be there right now.

Are you an introvert? Even if you aren’t, this illustration will make you smile and better understand the mind of an introvert.

The weekend is almost here and I’d like to try this recipe using a delicious loaf of bread (no slicing required), eggs and half and half. Any recipe with less than five ingredients is a winner for me!

Have you seen the latest edition of the “Ninja Turtles” movie? A  re-make is out and with the Ninja Turtles back in style, your kids may request a Ninja Turtle party. You can draw inspiration from this awesome Ninja Turtle party styled by Oh happy day!

Finally, Fall is almost here and my favorite website for clothes has the cutest outfits. One day I would love to launch a separate blog dedicated to fashion ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!






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  1. JaneEllen
    2014/08/17 / 4:29 am

    Are you an introvert? Think I am to certain degree. When I want to read my book, when I want to craft and don’t want to be disturbed. My husband was over road, gone for weeks, truck driver when we lived in MT. I’d be alone for weeks and would make things like crazy. We lived out away from most people on a big lake, not many people around at that time. We had satellite tv and I discovered craft shows in those days, the early 90’s, we moved to MT in May/92.
    I’d watch craft shows, make things, stay up half the night crafting in my wonderful studio. Nice sized room with windows on each corner of the room, it was in front of house on far right corner. Looked out on the lake, I could see what was going on, for animals that came to visit like antelopes, coyotes, deer, elk, just things like that. I was quite content being alone with our dog. Once I got on a roll didn’t want to be disturbed. There were only about 4 other houses out there at that time, we lived on a private road.
    I like to be around people but when I’m in mood for it. Not the kind of person that chats up the neighbors and hangs out at their houses. My house is usually bit of a mess due to my creating. I raised 4 kids and used to work so at this point in my life (74) I want to do what I want to do, not having somebody nag me about what I “should” be doing.
    Heard that all my young life, should do this, should do that, no more. For some reason people have shunned me due to me being introverted. That’s ok if that’s how they are. Took me while to learn to be alone but once I did was ok with it. Kinda desolate out where we lived from San Diego so I had to learn to keep myself happy and I did. Did work in Helena off and on.
    Happy weekend

    • kraftmint
      2014/08/18 / 5:23 am

      Hello dear Jean Ellen, you know I’m turning into an introvert too? I think is because I’m raising 3 little ones and once I have peace and quiet in the evenings, all I want to do is craft ;) I can totally relate to your thoughts! Hope you are having a good summer and thank you for stopping by kraft&mint :)

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