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Steller 2.0 launch app
We love stories. Especially those with great endings that leave us inspired, hopeful, excited. We also love to tell stories, at least myself, I love getting together with friends, preferably around a meal and catch up.

How do you enjoy communicating with friends and family other than social media? Do you send e-mails, or is Facebook the norm? I’ve used FB photo albums to share travel experiences, or birthday parties, but until I found “Steller,” I didn’t know how much more I could convey with a combination of photos and text.

Doesn’t the name “Steller”makes you wonder what is “Steller” all about? What kind of app is it? Is it a social media app? Photo app? Video app?

The answer, Steller is a new way to tell stories using photos, video, gorgeous layouts and text. Steller 2.0 has infused a social media aspect by adding comments, notifications and search stories by users and hashtags.

You can download this free app from the App Store and start playing with it. Using the photos from your camera roll, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous story of anything you want to share.

For example, I’ve been creating mini-tutorials with Steller. As I put together a story, unlike putting together a step by step tutorial, I am inspired to share thoughts, inspirations and ideas I wouldn’t necessarily share on a tutorial. Please take a look at one of my stories for a “Pineapple” craft I designed this Summer.

I would love to hear your thoughts and know if you downloaded Steller to make your own stories. Steller is available for free on the App Store on iPhone or iPod touch.

P.S: I love this app, and I’m a little bit of an app fanatic. I did not get compensated for writing this post and all opinions are my own ;)

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