So far these are my Halloween decorations for this year ;) I started a tradition last year, using a Halloween Cloudy theme and the kids loved it. My daughter said she was glad “I didn’t… View Post

Hello! Today I have a guest on kraft&mint. Her name is Bridgette, and she is a dear friend of mine. Please take a look below at how she made a “feathered” tail, peacock mask and… View Post

When it comes to making a piece of jewelry my motto is the following: “Pretty Crafts Supplies = Pretty Jewelry Project.” So is no surprise that when I finally found these little bow beads, I… View Post

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Gold has won me over again! I made this wire garland for tinyprints blog and today the post is live. Please head over to tinyprints blog to view a full tutorial and materials I used.… View Post

The day came when my daughter asked me to make her “something” for Halloween. Thank goodness she didn’t ask for a whole costume but a pair of fox ears! I can handle this ;) Sweet… View Post