Lego Birthday Party

Lego Party by kraft&mint DIY Printables Tutorial

My son turned seven this month, and the theme was a lego party.  I enjoyed so much throwing this party for him. The best part? The party was pretty mellow and fun. We invited six boys from his class. Now you are thinking…. Mellow party with a total of seven boys running around? Indoors? Yes! Let me tell you how I put this together.



The first thing on my to-do list is deciding on the theme. Once I have a main idea picked out, I look through party supplies I’ve used in the past and see if I can re-use any supplies. I keep my party supplies in big bins and save items like banners, unused paper plates, garlands, etc. Then, I divided the party into five categories:

  1. Guest List & Invitation
  2. Party decor
  3. Food
  4. Games
  5. Party Favors

First, I send an Evite three weeks before the party. I keep the guest list under ten kids. My kids are older so parents can drop off their child or are welcome to hang out during the party.

Second, I make a special bin for all the party decor and items I buy for the party. Then I look online for free printables and fonts. I also make a Pinterest board of the party theme and pin ideas a few months before the event.

Finally, a week before the party I ask my child what kind of food he would like to have on his special day. Please take a look below at the party decor, food list, games and party favors.


Party Decor

Lego Party by kraft&mint DIY Printables Tutorial

The party decor included balloons, two garlands, custom printable of my son’s name and custom coloring books. I don’t go overboard with the decor and use my main table for crafts and projects the kids will be excited to do.


Lego Wall Decor

Lego patent - Home made vector by Rodolphe HERAUD

I have no words to describe how excited I was when I found this illustration! Isn’t it brilliant? I found this beautiful artwork on “Behance.” Behance is a creative community of designers, illustrators and many talented people.

A designer in France created this work and shared it on Behance for people to share and use. This work is copyrighted, so it is only for personal use. My son loved this picture, and now we have it hung up in his bedroom.



I mentioned before; I asked my child what kind of food he would like. My son requested, pears, oranges, pirate booty, pizza and cake. Pretty doable right? I put the food in the kitchen separate from my main table.  I used plastic cups to serve sensible portions of pirate booty and another cup of fruit.

My husband picked up two large pizzas (pepperoni and cheese).  That’s it. No dessert table, or lavish buffet for food. Children at this age don’t eat a lot ;)



This is the key element to having a party that doesn’t end up being chaotic and out of control. I had five games planned: “hot lego” potato, “guess how many Legos,” “coloring contest,” build your lego set and “lego bingo.” [spacer]  [spacer]

Between Pinterest, Behance and free fonts websites, the possibilities are endless. But again, my motto is to simplify, so I’m glad to share these designs with you. For the “how many Legos” game, fill up a container with a bunch of Legos and let the kids guess how many pieces there are.

If you decide to use my coloring book design. You will print out the cover I made and write down on top of “Lego birthday party” title your child’s name. Then, search for “Lego coloring sheets” on the web, and you will find a plethora of options. You can put together a book by folding the sheets in half and using a stapler to keep the pages together. [spacer]

Party Outline

4:00: People arrive

4:10 Start coloring book craft
4:20 “Best effort” coloring contents & prize (gummy bears)
4:30 Hot potato game. Each child that is “out” of the game gets a small lego set
4:40 Build Lego sets at main table
5:15 Eat Pizza & fruit

5:25 Play Bingo (First bingo winner, writes the number “one” on his bingo sheet. The second bingo winner does the same and so on. These numbers determine who gets the first piece of cake, second,

5:40 Eat Cake
5:45 Open Presents & thanks yous
6:00 Goodbye, gather all the kids’ gifts: coloring book, name sheLegoset.

Resources & Credits

  1. Party Banner from previous Star Wars Lego Party
  2. Designed custom name and name labels for each guest with a free font from Fontstruct
  3. Lego toy figure illustration from Behance by Rodolphe Heraud
  4. Lego printable game from Big D & Me blog
  5. kraft& mint “How many legos printable.”
  6. kraft&mint “Lego coloring book cover.”
  7. Lego shaped candles found at Amazon
  8. Yellow garland found at Amazon 


Thank you for visiting! If you have any question, please leave me a comment.

Having fun!


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  1. 2014/11/11 / 2:23 am

    Been long time since I gave a b/d party for any of our kids. so much to consider now, not as simple as it used to be. Helps to be tech wise now for their parties. Looks like you did great job getting ready for your son. HOpe he enjoyed his party. You didn’t say how old he would be. Happy week

    • kraftmint
      2014/11/11 / 5:35 am

      Hello! My son turned seven and he is growing fast. I’m trying to cherish the “little boy” years as much as I can. He is turning into a little man way too fast… Thank you for visiting! XO.

  2. 2015/11/18 / 1:14 pm

    I just found this post and I’m happy my work fit your needs ;).


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