Aren’t Christmas cards so lovely to send and receive? While organizing my office, I found a pack of my old Christmas cards that I didn’t send last year. I couldn’t make myself recycle them, so… View Post

Do you use VSCO app? It is one of the best photography apps out there. Today I’m featured on their social network gallery and I’m very honored to be among such talent and gorgeous photos.… View Post

Are you madly sending gifts in the mail? I sent these babies this week and was pretty happy with the way I packaged it ;) Take a peek below: [heading_entrance title=”From Boring…” text=”Standard US Mail… View Post

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]M[/dropcap]y go to supply when designing a quick craft is washi tape. If I’m out of thank you cards, I can always whip up a cute note with washi tape. Or if you’d like… View Post

[heading_entrance title=”Make Pretty Crafts” text=”” custom_class=””][/heading_entrance] Ever since I started crafting, this has been my motto: “Pretty Crafts Supplies = Pretty Crafts!” Thank you for visiting my blog where I share everything that I’m passionate about,… View Post

[dropcap custom_class=”wh”]I[/dropcap]live in the wrong part of the country for loving dresses so much! This post has nothing to do with crafts, but everything to do with my love for finding a dress, without having… View Post

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Christmas in Lima takes place just before Summer begins, so pictures of snowy landscapes were foreign to me until I moved to the Seattle. I was inspired… View Post

How do you save your memories? For me, I have thousands of photos on my computer and my phone, which I usually use to make a photo book. This year I didn’t get that far however I ordered… View Post