Make a Pretty Gift with White Ink and Kraft Paper

Make a pretty wedding gift with Kraft paper and white ink by kraft&mint diy tutorial


Soon enough it will be wedding season and for me, it started in January of this year. I have not been to a wedding in quite a while (the majority of our friends are married) so when I was wrapping the gifts, I got a little carried away!

These gifts came in huge boxes from Amazon. I don’t think a standard roll of wrapping paper would be sufficient for 1 of the gifts. The solution was a big roll of Kraft packing paper. Kraft packing paper is very thick and quite sturdy.

This paper would withstand any ink or paint and I  came up with the idea of painting a drawing of a bride on both gifts. I’m not an illustrator by any standards but gave it a try ;)



Make a pretty wedding gift with Kraft paper and white ink by kraft&mint diy tutorial

  1. Wrap your gifts with Kraft packing paper and packing tape. Then choose what will you draw on each box. I chose a bride since I was going to a wedding ;)
  2. I used white ink that flows easily on the kraft paper
  3. Don’t worry if the pencil outline shows up a little bit. Crafts don’t need to be perfect…
  4. Add some jute string and white polka dots. (I used this punch to make my polka dots.)

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Make a pretty wedding gift with Kraft paper and white ink by kraft&mint diy tutorial

Make a Pretty Gift with White Ink and Kraft Paper  is not a quick craft like my usual DIY projects but once you give it a try, time will pass very fast. I think, no matter what you decide to draw, the combination of Kraft paper, white ink and white polka dots will result in a pretty gift and piece of artwork!

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  1. JaneEllen
    2015/01/26 / 9:00 pm

    Wow for somebody who thinks she’s not an illustrator you did a really fine job of portraying a bride. Awesome, love it.Great idea also, What bride wouldn’t love that wrapping job. I’d keep the paper if I was her.
    When our oldest son’s wife had first baby I did l lot of stenciling on wrapping and his little onesies’. A month or so later she told me how much she loved all the trouble I went to for the baby’s gift. Hard to realize he’s in college in Lexington, KY now on a full ride scholarship to be a chemical engineer.
    Great idea to decorate paper that wraps a gift, making that gift all the more meaningful and personal.
    Now I need to go see what kind of papers IKEA has in their paper shop.
    Hope you have great week

    • kraftmint
      2015/01/27 / 4:41 am

      Hello JaneEllen! It is always lovely to hear from you! First, I can’t believe how time goes by so fast! One minute you are making a onesie and the next minute you blink and they are off to college! I’m trying to enjoy as much as I can my sweet kiddos ;) thank you for stopping by! And please let me know what you find at Ikea! All the best, Ursula.

    • kraftmint
      2015/01/30 / 9:03 am

      Thank you Kyla! I’ve missed your link Found and Foraged Link Party. Hope to make it this weekend ;) XO

  2. Doree
    2019/03/06 / 5:38 pm

    The bride and white dots really add a level of elegance to the Kraft paper – and such a nice idea for an oversized gift box that would normally look… just large. Would you consider making some sheets and selling them? I have two large gift boxes to wrap for a bridal shower and, I can assure you, I would NOT be able to draw what you did. Would love to wrap them in that paper… it’s just what I’m looking for!!

    • kraftmint
      2019/03/06 / 7:59 pm

      Hello, Doree! Soooo excited you liked my kraf paper + bride design. Now, I used white acrylic ink and painted the kraft paper AFTER I had wrapped the gift.
      I know if I would painted the paper first, and then wrapped the gift, the paint would have cracked :( Apologies for not being able to draw the bride for you! BUT,
      if you wrap the gifts you have and then add white circle stickers and add a big bow, it would make the gifts super cute ;)

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