Make Cute Bunny Tea Towels with Only 2 Materials


As spring is approaching, our “resident” bunny from our yard, made his first appearance, and my daughter went nuts! She got a little teary eyed when she asked me: “Do you think a bunny, could live in our house? I would make him feel at home and feed him well.” My heart melted.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any pet bunnies in our near future, but we can enjoy many bunny crafts and with Easter coming up, bunny projects abound on Pinterest ;)

My little project took 30 minutes or so, not including “drying” and “ironing” time.


  1. You will need one muslin 100% cotton towel, “Sei tumble dye” in blue and one thin brush.
  2. Begin sketching a bunny on any piece of paper and once you are comfortable with your drawing, dab your brush in a little bit of the dye. “Tumble Sei” dye comes in a small bottle with a spray. Pour a little bit of ink in a cup and then draw away. (Don’t try to add any water to the ink because it will make it very runny and hard to draw with.)
  3. Let your muslin towel dry for at least two hours. Then, use an iron to “seal” the ink. You can also throw your bunny towel in the dryer for 30 minutes if ironing is not your thing.
  4. Make a few extra and give them out as Easter gifts!



I’m off to go to sleep and super thankful that I had the time to share this project with you! If you’d like to see more ideas like this one via email, please click on the “follow kraft&mint” button on the right hand column.

Until next time!

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