Photo Essay #2

Hello! Wow, another week went by, and here I am, writing my second photo essay. The last few days have been intense and exciting! Went on a mini vacay with my family and I’m still… View Post

DIY One Step Pin Board

Are you feeling the urgency yet? To get organized before the craziness of back to school hits? You guys, I have to tackle a couple of areas in my kitchen before school begins or my… View Post

Keep Going Wallpaper Freebie

Keep going. That’s what I kept telling myself this weekend while on a mini-vacay with the kids. Yes, these are “First World Problems” as I like to describe anything that is a blessing, and I… View Post

This week – Photo Essay # 1

Time is flying by, and I’m inspired to record snippets of this Summer on kraft&mint. “This week” is my first editorial where I’m sharing a little more about my life at home, thoughts and essentially… View Post

DIY Back to School Neon Binder & Folders

Hello! I’m excited to share with you a project I did in collaboration with Jam Paper, a store known throughout New York as “The Best NYC Paper Store.” I first heard of Jam Paper while reading… View Post

Throw a Pineapple Themed Party

Happy weekend! Summer will be here in no time and I’ve put together a quick guide to celebrate Summer by throwing a party with the trendiest fruit, pineapples! Throw a Pineapple Themed Party with this… View Post

DIY Pineapple Pouch – Part 2

How are you doing this week? I am well into a summer routine at home with the kids, trying to take advantage of every ounce of sunshine we are getting this summer. If this is… View Post

DIY Pineapple Pouch – Part 1

Hello! I had a great three-day weekend with my family and friends and feel very refreshed. I also had time to make a pineapple craft that I’m excited to share with you. My tutorial is… View Post

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