Photo Essay #2


Hello! Wow, another week went by, and here I am, writing my second photo essay. The last few days have been intense and exciting! Went on a mini vacay with my family and I’m still recuperating from all the fun and piles of laundry we have.

Traveling with kiddos is no small feat, but is getting easier, at least logistically. My two boys, packed themselves, without me moving a finger. This is pretty awesome in my book! After the long weekend going to the pool, negotiating bedtimes, small quarrels and such, I came back home excited to prepare for an interview.

Hence the photo above of me smiling wide for a producer. I was interviewed about when I started kraft&mint and how I balanced blogging and parenting. I will go more into details about my 10 minutes of fame in the next few weeks ;)


I don’t know if other parents sometimes struggle as much as we do when traveling with kids. I’m all for keeping it real and celebrate the small victories but also recognize how hard it is to be a parent.

This was me. The beach ball! Bright and cheery, thankful for being on vacation, but also having a dark side, complaining about my kids not being content and quarreling.


Late at night, once the kids were in bed, I used one of my favorite apps to design a few wallpapers for my phone and my computer.





Beautiful landscape photo I took while we were on the road. If you look closely at the top of the picture, you can see a reflection of my kids. My husband was driving, so I snapped a few photos from inside the car.


Doesn’t this look like it could be Hawaii? I wish ;) I took this photo of the river in Tri-Cities (where we took our family vacay.) The weather was perfect for pool time and kids running amok the hotel hallways.

How was your week? I always love hearing from you!

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