How my new adidas sneakers make me feel

Disclosure: While I received a welcome discount from Adidas all reviews and opinions are my own.

They also have these shoes in white! Eeeek

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How do you choose to dress in the morning? Do you grab the first thing that comes to mind? Do you have a dress code at work or maybe you work from home and the yoga pants routine is the default? In my case I stay home with my kids, I feed them, drive them, break up fights. Typical mom stuff.

Before I stayed home with the kids, I worked at a tech company with a casual dress code atmosphere. I was a product designer that was my title and was part of the product design team. A creative hub, the designers. As my former self aka web designer my approach to getting dressed was according to what fit my mood on a given day. If I felt peppy and happy, I would wear a dress and flats, or if my mood matched rainy Seattle weather, I would go for dark jeans boots a black top and a coat.

Fast forward ten years later and I still put some thought in what a wear. But my clothes have to be comfortable and functional. I also choose to wear a bit of makeup. Otherwise, I look sick. No joke. The other day I tried the zero mascara look plus lip gloss. When I arrived at my kids’ school for pick-up, one mom said to me: “Did you just wake up from a nap?” “Are you feeling ok?”

If I’m driving the kids in the morning to school, I’ll lay out my outfit the night before, so I don’t waste time thinking about what to wear. Then I do the breakfast routine drive the kids to school, make a Costco run or a doctor apt. I don’t have to dress in a certain way, but I choose an outfit that helps me get through the day in a better mood.

How my new adidas make me feel - kraft&mint blog

As a stay at home mom, the days can blend in and out, same routines same schedules. And that’s when I get in a rut, my mood gets down, and I feel “blah.” Nope, I want to fight this blah-ness and tackle my day with cute, comfy clothes and a big cup of coffee while I read my Bible. All these things help me embrace each day as a unique day. Instead of just existing and going through the motions. I am done doing that.

Therefore, I’m embracing my new love for sneakers and leaving my rain boots behind. I want to feel empowered to take on the day, feel energized and content! That’s how I feel when I put on my new sneakers. Can pairs of shoes do all that? Ha! Maybe in a commercial. In real life, these sneakers are like a morning pep talk. “You are still young (ish), or you can choose to feel young, comfortable and energized to take on whatever the day will bring.” Is the little things in life! New sneakers ;)

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How my new adidas make me feel - kraft&mint blog

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