Giving a gift card?

I’ve been simplifying my life across the border, starting with editing my closet, donating toys, small furniture, books, clothes and random items I don’t need. It all started when I read this book, and I’m feeling lighter and happier each day!

For this project, I was racking my brain thinking what to give to a friend for her birthday. I thought maybe jewelry or a book, candy + an accessory? Then the light bulb came on, and I thought to myself, “What would I love to receive as a gift?” I closed my eyes and pictured opening a small box, filled with confetti to the top and a gift card. So that’s how I came to putting this present together, and, of course, I had to blog about it and share it with you.

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  1. One small kraft covered mailing box
  2. Assortment of paper in different colors
  3. A one inch circle punch
  4. A gift card
  5. One small glassine bag
  6. Cute stationery items such as sticky notes and mini gel pens (mine are from Target.)

Giving a gift card tutorial

From top left to bottom right, use different kinds of paper, the more colors the better. Punch as many circles as you’d like to fill up the kraft box (not shown.) Then shop for small stationery cute items, mine are from the 1 dollar area at Target. Finally buy a gift card and put it inside a glassine envelope, thus making it more mysterious ;)

Giving a gift card for a gift? kraft&mint

Arrange all the items in layers, first put a stationery item, then cover it with confetti, then add another item and so on. When the person opening the box sees all the colorful little gifts plus discovers the gift card, a big smile is guaranteed!

Giving a gift card for a gift? kraft&mint

Remember me mentioning how I’m simplifying my life? What if I bought gift cards for Christmas and gave them wrapped like this idea? I could produce confetti “en masse” and buy a series of cards plus small gifts to fill my boxes. Voila, I would be done. Just a thought for you if you’d like to go the gift card route ;)




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