Photo Essay #8 – In a pastel mood

kraft&mint photo essay #08 Pastel Christmas
These are inspiring me to throw a pastel Christmas.

Aaaaah, I’m smitten with my new pastel trees, I never knew I wanted them so badly until I saw them last week during a Target run. I want to create a corner in my house with a fluffy pastel theme and cotton candy treats. I know, we are not even close to Thanksgiving yet, and I’m already thinking about my pastel holiday theme.

Are you living in the future as most of us here in America? I remember seeing Christmas decor at Costco at the end of August! Yes, that’s the way things work in the retail industry. You have to be ahead of the game and anticipate every holiday many months in advance. Leaving most of us, looking for the next thing, and forgetting being in the moment.

Gift wrap I designed last year but didn’t post it.

At least, that’s the way I see it, but I’m not complaining. On the other hand, I do feel a little bit rushed feeling like being caught in a whirlwind of to-do lists. And this is one of the reasons I blog. Blogging seems like escaping my messy hallway and piles of laundry you get it right? What is the thing you want to escape from during the day? Work, house chores, relationships? Yes, getting a bit philosophical here. Besides blogging, I read books to decompress mentally at the end of the day.

Lately, I’ve been checking out magazines from my local library on a weekly basis. For some reason, I’m super interested in science and astronomy. The last book I read was “The Brain,” a book written by a neuroscientist who is doing some amazing research on how our brain works and let me tell you, it is pretty fascinating. The book is a companion to the PBS series called “The brain” and so far they have three episodes on” On demand”.

So from a pastel holiday theme to science and our brain, that’s quite the range of topics. Now, I may sound like I have hours at my disposal to read, “escape” with my blogging or to visit the library. In reality, I read in the car between volunteering shifts at my kids’ school. My library visits are usually a bit hectic with my six-year-old little girl, who has the energy of a little squirrel. I am a fast reader and sacrifice some sleep to finish my books.

Enough of “escaping” now. I have to bake a cake for my eight-year-old party tomorrow Sunday. Thanks for visiting!



Pastel festive decor. Source: Decoloholic

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