Photo Essay #10 – Coloring away my stress

My brain never stops thinking about new projects and ideas I would love to post on the blog. I also think about a couple of online classes I’d like to take and debate in my head what extracurricular classes I should sign up the kids. Wow, just writing about this makes me feel a tad overwhelmed.

My solution so far? Coloring away with my daughter. Yes, coloring people. It has been a great way to bond with my 6-year-old little girl and slow down. It all started with an evening at a local toy store that invited me to a “coloring” night. Coloring night? Who has time for that? Then I considered it and thought to myself, “This is a good way to slow down and do something creative with the purpose of sitting down and just breathe.”

kraft&mint coloring sheet from Folk Art Just add color - coloring book

I colored this sheet from the book “Folk Art – 30 Illustrations to color, customize and hang.”

The class was starting at 7:00 pm and by that time I finished helping the kids with their homework, I was pretty tired. I told the hubs I was just going to stay home and hang out, but he insisted I should go and take a break. So, I made it to the toy store; I met a few ladies, mostly moms like me and a few young girls too. I colored away with gel pens and a color pencils too. What do you think? You are probably saying, wow, Ursula must have extra time on her hands to blog about coloring. Nope. I don’t, but I’m thankful for the hubs’ encouragement and making me go ;)

This list of books contains links and some links are affiliate links

Magical Garden, Color Art, Christmas to color, Outside the lines, Be inspired, Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden, Color me calm

Hope you too will be inspired to slow down and take a breather by coloring away.

Much love,


P.S. This is my last “Photo Essay” blog post, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit better. I’ll be starting a new series next Friday on… haven’t made a decision yet. Do come back and visit to find out ;)

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  1. 2015/11/28 / 6:49 am

    Good for you going with your daughter to color. She must have loved being with you doing something she loves with out interruptions and being with her. Did I get that wrong, you went with your daughter?
    Those coloring books are all over the place now, see them practically every where I go. I have couple haven’t started yet but will be doing some in them soon. Will be good way to pass some time.
    Our daughter even bought coloring book for our grandson to have something to do while he’s having chemo and lying in bed. He’s been mostly in hospital all summer and fall. Has had stem cell transplant and mega chemo treatments but his numbers are still up too high. He has blood cancer in his liver and lungs mostly. This is second time for him to have cancer, 1st time was when he was just 14 with stage 4 all thru his body. He was cancer free by 18 and then this summer they found out he has cancer again. He was just 22 on Nov. 8th. It breaks ,my heart what he’s been thru. We’re praying they find some way to save him. Docs only gave him 50/50 chance.
    I will use my coloring books to keep me occupied after I get home from having right shoulder replaced on Dec. 7th. That’ll do it for me for this holiday season. So many projects want to do but not enuf time this year. Ah well there’s always next year. This is just bump in road til am back to old self again and my shoulder won’t hurt (after awhile) anymore.
    Hope your holiday season is a wonderful and happy one, enjoy your kids, we only get one chance when they’re young.
    Happy weekend

    • 2015/11/28 / 7:18 am

      Hello my dear JaneEllen, It is always so nice to read your comments and they make my day! I’m also so heavy hearted for your grandson, what a tough walk you and your daughter are going through. I promise to have your dear grandson in my prayers. All my love, Ursula

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