DIY Lego Valentine’s Day Bling Hearts and Printable Labels – Part 1

Eeeeeeeeekkkk, do I have a super cute and EASY Valentine’s day craft! Last weekend, while I was playing Legos with my boys, I spotted a few “corner” Lego pieces that if you position upside down, it evokes a shape of a heart. I asked the boys if I could borrow a few of these “corner” pieces and they both said: “Sure, mom.”

The next day my daughter was talking about Valentine’s day and asked if we could make a craft for V-day. I pulled out the Lego pieces I collected the day before and asked her to help me put together a Valentine’s day craft. Next thing, I got two nail polishes: sparkly gold and a soft pink and we started painting all the Lego pieces. We had a blast making our little Lego hearts and spent about 15 minutes tops painting a dozen of them. Just about the time before her attention span starts to fade away ;)

DIY Lego Valentine's Day Bling Hearts and Printable Labels

DIY Lego Valentine’s Day Bling Hearts

DIY Lego Valentine's Day Bling Hearts and Printables Labels

1. First, find a few “corner” Lego pieces in any color.

2. Second, choose a couple (or more) nail polishes and paint the pieces with two layers of polish.

DIY Lego Valentine's Day Bling Hearts and Printables Labels

3. The Lego pieces with a lighter color such as white and yellow, will look great with any nail polish color. For a more “edgy” look, grab a glittery nail polish and paint a black or dark grey Lego piece.

What next?

I will upload labels for you to print and cut. The labels  will fit a standard “snack” zip lock bag.

DIY Lego Valentine's Day Printables Labels


What will you put inside the zip lock snack bag?

Candy Lego bricks! I found a 2lb bag of candy Lego bricks on Amazon, and they should arrive today or tomorrow. So this weekend, you could start looking for “corner” Lego bricks and painting them with nail polish. Next Monday I will have the printable labels ready for you! What do you think? Does this make sense? Drop me a line, I always LOVE hearing from you!

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DIY Lego Valentine's Day Printable Labels

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