The Bar Cart Trend

Hello! I’ve fallen for this trend, and I’m on the hunt to buy a bar cart for my home. Would you help me pick one?

For you guys that have been following kraft&mint, I’ve been slowly updating the decor of my home. I did nothing for the last ten years! And why? You might ask. I’m out of the toddler age and transitioning into older kiddos. When you are a mom of a toddler, you can’t wait for your child to be a bit older, potty trained and not in constant danger of running into a sharp corner, falling on his head, getting a hold of something you love, etc. What you do, is “child proof” your home and slowly introduce items the older he gets, so the child learns to respect his/her home, furniture, decor, etc.

So back to the bar cart, I’m all over the place deciding which one to commit to and stay within my budget ;) Down below I’ve put together a few bar carts that I pinned, and under $250, which is the most I’d like to spend.

From top left, clockwise, I love the matte gold and clean, modern lines. The next bar cart caught my eye because is small and compact and I would have to be very diligent in keeping it nice and tidy. The bottom left one has delicate lines and is not too silvery. I think it would work with both gold and silver accents. The fourth bar cart looks so much fun! The shape is very art deco.

I’m making a trip to World Market to check out the top left bar cart. From the photo, the bar cart looks matte gold, which I like very much. My next choice (top right) is very different from other picks! I’m into the industrial look and with kids, even if they are older, it seems very sturdy and cool. The next one on the bottom left is almost the opposite of the last one. I’m digging the retro look. Finally, my last pick also has a nice clean, elegant look.

I may sound like a calm and cool mom, nonchalantly perusing for bar carts while I have a cocktail in my hand. Far-from-IT. Just to reiterate, kraft&mint is my “happy place” where I blog about my crafting (art therapy), fashion cravings and home decor aspirations such as bar carts! As of this moment, I have t-minus 30 minutes to get the next load of laundry done, clean the kitchen mess, pick up the kids from school and… I’m sure I’m forgetting something :)

So which bar cart catches your eye?



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