A Brilliant Legacy for my children

I’m the kind of mom who usually muses about the future. I imagine my children’s weddings, wonder who their spouses will be and their destiny ahead. And just like that, I am wearing a brilliant piece of the future around my neck, a beautiful pendant from Diamond Foundry. The diamond I’m wearing is a new choice of diamonds, created by engineers at Silicon Valley, who have harnessed solar energy to create in harmony with nature and humanity an eco-friendly choice of very rare diamonds.

A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

Wait? These are real diamonds made by women and men? Yes, indeed. These gorgeous gems are indistinguishable from their earth-mined relatives. The main difference being the guaranteed pure evolution – from the source straight to your finger.

Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

So how are these gorgeous diamonds made? At Diamond Foundry in San Francisco, Silicon Valley engineers who previously made breakthroughs in solar energy, have cracked the code in hot-forging diamonds, by placing a thin slice of a diamond into a reactor as hot as the outer layer of the sun.

Then, they add atoms to grow the crystal along the same exact crystal lattice of an earth extracted diamond. Doesn’t this sound out of a sci-fi movie? Atom by atom, layer by layer, under a reactor, a jewelry-grade diamond is purely formed. Then this grade diamond gem can be sliced off and re-used.

Pretty exciting! Diamond Foundry is reimagining the diamond industry by operating a responsible and transparent business and today investors include Leonardo DiCaprio and other successful entrepreneurs.

One thing to note is that Diamond Foundry is creating small batches of diamonds, handcrafted and made to order, staying away from mass production. With their natural lineage, each piece is unique, avoiding the ecological toll of mining and human rights infringements often associated with the diamond business.

A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

The other day, my daughter asked me when she could have a diamond. I looked at her big brown eyes and said: “Well, I don’t know when, but I do know one day I’d like to pass on some of my jewelry to you.”
That was enough answer for this little girl to fall under the spell of Diamond Foundry’s designer diamond jewelry.

A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint


A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint


A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

I’m excited about the fact that I have the choice of leaving a legacy to my children that speak of harmony with nature and humanity. In a world where the origin of earth mined diamonds is not guaranteed to be ethical, sustainable or humane, I’m thankful for the peace of mind that my diamond is not a blood diamond.

My 20th wedding anniversary is approaching fast, and I’m doing some window shopping ;) The choices from award winning jewelry designers are gorgeous and this piece has caught my eye. Hubs? Are you reading this?

A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint

Thank you Diamond Foundry for sponsoring this post and for inspiring me to choose a brilliant legacy that is environmentally responsible and ethically pure.


“A Brilliant Legacy for my children” photo credits: single diamonds photos belong to Diamond Foundry, pendant and portrait photos by kraft&mint and Tammy Davidson Photography – graphic design kraft&mint ©


A Brilliant Legacy for my children - Diamond Foundry - kraft&mint


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