Making a book with Nowvel App

Hello there! Today I’m sharing with you how I published a book using an app called “Nowvel“. Before I tell you how fantastic Nowvel app is and why you should use it, I’ll show you the book I made with Nowvel app in one afternoon.

Making a book with Nowvel App

Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint

I partnered with Nowvel App to create a photo book using their app and my phone. The results? A book about crafting (obviously ;) using the alphabet. I called my project “Crafts Alphabet” by kraft&mint and designed my book using one crafting project per each letter of the alphabet.

For example for the letter “A”, I chose a project called “Antler DIY Tassel,” for the letter “B” I used photos from a monogrammed basket DIY and so on for each letter of the alphabet through the letter “Z.”

Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint
Once I gathered all my photos in one album on my phone, I opened Nowvel’s app and uploaded my pictures. Then, I chose a design for my book and used a minimalistic template within Nowvel’s app.

Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint

Here, I captured the “thickness” of my book. Nowvel’s photo books are printed on heavy duty, premium paper stock and glaze coated with a matte finish for eye-popping color that opens flat and is waterproof and tear proof.

What I love the most about my new book is that it opens perfectly flat!
Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint

Nowvel’s app also gives you the option to add a caption to each page. For my book, I added a letter of the alphabet and the title of one craft corresponding to a letter.

Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint


Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint

I can’t tell you how incredibly pleased I was when I received my “Crafts Alphabet” book in the mail! When I opened it and felt the thickness, quality and how each photo was so crisp, I thought I was browsing a book purchased from the store. In fact, now I have the bug to design, write and publish a book! Any book publishers reading this post? ;)

The price for my book was $30, (not including shipping), but once you start using Nowvel’s app, you can start accruing “coins” or credits to use for the purchase of a future project. You guys, I want to make SO many books using Nowvel’s app!

You can view my book on this link and download Nowvel’s app here. Nowvel’s books would make great gifts for any occasion; they are coffee table worthy, and you will love seeing your photos in a tangible book.

What kind of book would you make? Need some ideas? Here are the ones that come to mind:

Nowvel Book Ideas

  1. Summer shennanigans – capture your summer outings and make a book out of it.
  2. Do you have a hobby? Take photos of your creations and document them in a book.
  3. Go back in time during this year and choose one or two photos that represent each month of the year starting with January. By December you’ll have an awesome visual recap of 2016.
  4. Are you a foodie? Take photos of the dishes you make or photos from dinner outings and make a book.
  5. Do you have kids? Take portraits of your kids each month and see how they change a bit each month and make a book out of their portraits.
  6. What about pets? Pet’s make adorable subjects, maybe you can start photographing all the places you take your dog to and make a book.
  7. Do you love taking selfies? Make a book of your top ten selfies and give it to your parents.

That’s all I have ;) Enjoy publishing your book with Nowvel!

Thank you for reading and supporting the brands that sponsor and inspired my book “Crafts Alphabet” by kraft&mint.

Much love,


Making a book with Nowvel App by kraft&mint
















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