DIY Ideas for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve Party

DIY Ideas for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve Party

Kid-friendly treats! Make or better yet buy cupcakes from your local grocery store and adorn them with my DIY Cheers/Yay/2017 cupcake wrappers. How to make these babies? Please take a look at the bottom of this post.

DIY Ideas for a kid friendly New Year's Eve Party

Celebrate earlier – If you live on the West Coast, host an “East Coast” New Year’s Eve party. Celebrate the new year at 9:00 pm PST instead of dragging the kids (and yourself) to wait until the ball drops at midnight.

If you are in a different time zone, then you decide at what time to ring in the new year. Pick an earlier time zone and ring in the new year a few hours earlier. It is your party, and you can do whatever you want ;) Parents will be thankful to celebrate with their kids and friends without dealing with kids that are “melting down.”

DIY ideas to host a kid friendly New Year's eve party

Put together a kid crafting/messy table. – Set up a kid-friendly station with craft supplies. (What I do is cover my table with kraft packing paper and tape it to the sides of my table.) Think party hats kids can decorate with foam stickers. Also, most craft stores have 50% off sales. For example, I found a penguin crafting kit for kids at a great price.

Another idea is to put glow sticks in various containers and let the children put together necklaces, swords, or whatever they come up with.

Pack “evening” lunch sacks – Us parents, the first thing we do when we go to parties, is put together a plate with food to avoid hungry/crabby children. What can you do? Pack new year’s lunches in brown bags and let the kids have a “picnic.” Clear out a corner in your home with blankets where the kids can eat at their ease. Parents will be elated not to have to put a plate together for their kids and instead enjoy the appetizers and cocktails ;)

Have fun! Hosting a party with kids will be loud and messy. Choose decorations that are cute but won’t break the bank. In my opinion, balloons always bring a festive mood and once the party is done, you can hand out the balloons (with the parent’s permission) to the kids as party favors.

Recap of ideas

DIY New Year’s Eve Cupcake Wrappers tutorial

  1. Starting from the top left, using a cupcake wrapper die and big shot machine, cut cupcake wrappers out of “chalkboard” paper. (View my tutorial on how to use a big shot machine here.)
  2. Use chalk or a white gel pen to write on the wrappers words such as “cheers” “yay”and “2017.”
  3. Practice writing the words you want to display on a piece paper before writing on the chalkboard wrappers.
  4. Wrap these babies around a standard sized cupcake and you are good to go!

Party Supplies Recap

What do you think? Do you have other tips for throwing a party with kids? I always love to hear from you!


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