Friday Finds: Dreaming of the perfect life

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Friday Finds: Dreaming of the perfect life

Who has the perfect life? If you think about it, you might have someone, friend, co-worker, a celebrity that looks like they have “the perfect ‘ life. Or if you are like me, you think “When so and so happens, then it will be perfect and everything will be OK.” Do you this?

I certainly do. In my mind, I look at other people’s stories on Instagram, or read blog posts and right away assume the author of whatever social media piece I’m reading, has it all together and their lives are pretty perfect.

Um, nope. It is not. Everyone has a struggle. Period. We may portray like we have it all together on screen but IRL the day to day is not so dreamy and put together. Sooo, I wanted to share with you a few things about my far from perfect life ;) First, I don’t have a perfectly decorated home. I have one area of my house, more like a “wall” that looks exactly the way I like it. That’s it. The kitchen hasn’t been updated since we moved almost thirteen years ago. My carpet is begging to be ripped apart (we are looking at hardwood floors) and I can NOT wait to have hardwood all over the first floor sooner than later.

Parenting has NOT come easy at all for us. After almost thirteen years into parenting, we are still exhausted at the end of the day, or beginning for the matter! I desperately pray for compliant children, but nope, just not happening so far.

Why am I sharing this you? It is humbling. No matter how “perfect” I want to make my little corner of the web I share with the world, life is far from perfect, and kraft&mint is and an outlet for my creativity and a source of income too :) I hope you have a great start to a lovely weekend and carve time to do the things that bring joy to our far-from perfect lives :)

With love,


A few finds that got me inspired to keep creating:

 The Color Factory launch: A space in San Francisco that celebrates and explores color.

 This super simple paper shapes wall art DIY.

 A super fun freebie for your iPhone.

 I have to make this project for my living room and picturing it putting it in a corner by a window and seating area.

 Wish I was going back to school so I can get this right now ;)


Happy Friday!





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