Ric rac earrings DIY

Ric rac earrings DIY

Ric Rac earrings DIY

Who doesn’t love ric rac? These earrings are super easy to make and I have a simple tutorial for you. Please take a peek below ;)


Ric Rac earrings DIY tutorial

Ric rac earrings DIY


Step 1:

Cut three inches of ric rac twice. The ric rac I found is a ric rac “tape.” So I did not have to glue both pieces together but just stuck them together.

Step 2:

Glue a pom at the bottom of the ric rac piece and wait for the glue to dry. (I’m  an impatient crafter, and waiting for glue to dry drives me bonkers…)

Step 3:

Glue an earring post to the back of the opposite end of the ric rac piece and be patient with the process of the glue drying. I used this glue.

Finally, repeat all the steps above to complete the other pair of the ric rac earrings.

Ric rac earrings DIY

Cute right? I’m super awkward when taking selfies, so this one was the best to show you how my new ricrac earrings look like


Ric rac earrings DIY

Ric rac earrings DIY Materials (Don’t forget these!)

Ric rac (very similar to what I used.)

Gorilla glue

Two red pom poms from this set

Back earrings and posts



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