DIY Canvas tote bag with a modern design

DIY Canvast tote bag with modern design

DIY Canvas tote bag with a modern design

Hello reader! If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Ursula designer and blogger at kraft&mint. Today I’m sharing with you a modern design on a canvas tote bag. I plan to carry all the books we check out from the library in my new pretty canvas tote bag.

Why did I make this? Well, I’m tired of late fees and frantically looking for library books in my kids’ rooms. Instead, now I have them gather the books we owe and put them in my new canvas tote bag. Yay!

Let me show you how to design one for yourself ;)

DIY Canvas tote bag with a modern design tutorial

You will need, a canvas tote bag (mine is from the Michaels store,) two inks for rubber stamping (pink and green,) and the letter “S” rubber stamp (similar alphabet stamps. I found my “S” stamp at Michaels store.) Why did I choose the letter “S” you might ask? The letters “S” looks like a squiggly shape and with it, I designed the pattern for my tote bag.

  • First, gather the supplies and practice the “S” pattern on a piece of paper.
  • Second, put a sturdy book inside the tote bag, so you have a stable surface to stamp the bag.
  • Third, use the green ink first and copy the pattern from the paper. Then, fill in the design with the pink “S.”
  • Finally, repeat these steps on the other side of the bag.

Optional: add a pretty pom flair to the tote bag and then brag about your new creation ;) Ha!

Useful tip: When stamping the tote bag, if you notice the “S” imprint a little faded, just fill in the “S” with a brush and ink. Look at my video to see what I mean by this.



DIY Canvast tote bag with modern design

DIY Canvast tote bag with modern design

Loving using my entryway to store my new tote bag. Now how could I forget to return library books?

Until next time!


Materials recap:

Canvas tote bag from Michaels

Pink Ink

Green Ink

S rubber stamp (This is a set similar to my S rubberstamp, which I found at Michaels last year.



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