National Donut Day! DIY Donut Pins

Donuts! I don’t indulge enough on donuts and to celebrate National Donut Day happening tomorrow (6-3) I  made a few donut pins for you ;) These are super easy to make, and I can’t wait… View Post

DIY Jewelry Marble accessories in 30 minutes or less

Hello! I am beyond happy to share this project with you. Although this craft will take you literally minutes to make, I’ve been working on sourcing the materials for a couple of months until finally… View Post

A Brilliant Legacy for my children

I’m the kind of mom who usually muses about the future. I imagine my children’s weddings, wonder who their spouses will be and their destiny ahead. And just like that, I am wearing a brilliant piece of… View Post

DIY Fur Pom Pom Keychain { Top #Fashiondiy Post }

Hello! First, let me tell you that this is NOT real fur but a gorgeous faux fur ball I found MJ Trim online shop. I’ve been looking for a fur pom-pom ball for a while. I… View Post

Make a lovely charm bracelet in 30 minutes or less

How was your winter break? The hubs took the kids to play in the snow while I continued to organize the house from the holidays galore. We visited a couple of indoor playgrounds and enjoyed… View Post

DIY Antler Tassel

I was browsing for jewelry supplies at my craft stored and once I saw this darling antler charm, I had to make something with it! That something turned into a cool tassel to accessorize my… View Post

Photo Essay #9 – Great friends – Shop Small

When it comes to giving a gift, do you tend to get overwhelmed? Or do you thrive and start thinking about a million ideas that come to your mind? I experience both scenarios and instead… View Post

DIY Pineapples Baubles

Summer is here! At least for us Seattleites we are enjoying the amazing weather for being the month of June. My kids are out of school, and I’m adjusting to a new schedule. The kids… View Post

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