One Habit I Would Like to Start in 2015

bemorein_themoment_blue As a mom of three active kids, I’m constantly trying to get through the day, rushing here and there. I am always going a million miles an hour with the unsettling feeling that I’ll never catch up. And then it hits me, I need to take a deep breath, pray and regroup.

Sometimes I ask myself: “What is it that I can enjoy at this very moment?” My surroundings, my children’s laugh, or..? Can I really pause and take a deep breath and just be? Maybe I can…

The new habit I’d like to develop in 2015 is “to be more in the moment” and enjoy the “now” right now.

For example, If I’m waiting for the kids to come out of school, I’ll quickly get on my phone and browse the web feeding my Pinterest addiction. What if, instead of consuming the latest tweets or my friend’s Facebook updates, I would pause, close my eyes and be still.

Would I be able to do that? I’m not sure. I have a very simple plan to accomplish more “stillness” and less rushing around. No, I will not tattoo “Be more in the moment” on my arm, but I will start writing my thoughts in a small journal. 1

Being in the moment doesn’t involve staring in the distance and do nothing. Instead, I need to change my focus away from the “little screen,” (aka my iPhone) and concentrate on writing, producing something tangible like a journal.

I’ve kept the journals I had in my twenties and re-reading them is like traveling in time for me. Moments I had completely forgotten, are there, in my diary, for me to read and just remember.

This is good. I’m sincerely looking forward to writing and to record my thoughts when the time permits.greennotebook

What does it mean to “be in the moment” for you? Please give it a thought. Write more and see what happens. Get a journal, keep it with you in the car, have another one by your bed or keep one at the office. I’ve also designed a printable for you to put at work or at home. Please choose a color that best suits you or download them all ;) threeposters

  1. Link to cyan printable
  2. Link to green printable
  3. Link to mustard printable

What will you journal about?

A few ideas to write about:

>I worry too much about:__________ >These are the top things that make me laugh:___________ >If I had an unexpected day off I would go to_______________ make_______________ call________________

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