Make a gorgeous book in minutes with Nowvel App

Do you have an Etsy shop? Or do you own a small business and are always thinking about new ways to sell your products? Have you thought about making a book showcasing your work? The… View Post

Making a book with Nowvel App

Hello there! Today I’m sharing with you how I published a book using an app called “Nowvel“. Before I tell you how fantastic Nowvel app is and why you should use it, I’ll show you… View Post

Take Great Photos with VSCO APP

Do you use VSCO app? It is one of the best photography apps out there. Today I’m featured on their social network gallery and I’m very honored to be among such talent and gorgeous photos.… View Post

Everyone has a story to tell Steller App 2.0

We love stories. Especially those with great endings that leave us inspired, hopeful, excited. We also love to tell stories, at least myself, I love getting together with friends, preferably around a meal and catch… View Post

APPS: {Studio}

If  you are a blogger, you want to read this. As a blogger I love to design compelling images that complement the blog post I’m working on. I usually don’t have time to sit down… View Post

Texting in style – Send a gorgeous well designed text

Sometimes I have the desire to send something more than an email or a plain txt. Being the app fanatic I am, I use a few apps that can achieve this purpose. I compiled them… View Post

Inspiration: {Eastern WA}

Once you go across the mountains, going east of Seattle you arrive to the “sunny” side of Washington State. I was blessed to go on a family getaway with 2 other families and had an… View Post

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