As spring is approaching, our “resident” bunny from our yard, made his first appearance, and my daughter went nuts! She got a little teary eyed when she asked me: “Do you think a bunny, could… View Post

When I started having children, I never imagined raising not one but two little boys. I had no brothers or sisters and being brought up in Lima in a household full of women made me… View Post

Hello! How are you doing? Is March flying by for you? I haven’t had a chance to craft but one Easter project. So far, I still have some valentine’s decor still up ;) I’ve put… View Post

The sun is out! How are you doing lovely readers? March is here and I have a “Spring is coming” printable design for you. I put my design in my office to remind me of… View Post

Diy easter eggs & succulent decor I’m completely smitten by this color, blush-rosy pink and longing for spring! Last week I bought a few craft supplies based on my crush for this shade of pink. Today… View Post

I’ve seen  a “gold” trend in my projects lately.  I thought to myself, why not make a round-up of a few gold crafts, ideas and products with a gold flair? Ever since I worked on… View Post

We worked on a few Easter eggs this morning and the kids are beyond happy with how they turned out! Please take a look at these DIY Easter eggs with natural dyes. Pictures are worth a thousand… View Post

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