DIY Painted Leather Purse Painting on Leather is FUN! I’ve been playing around with a few materials to achieve the ombré look I’m sharing with you today ;) And no, I did not make the… View Post

Hello! First, let me tell you that this is NOT real fur but a gorgeous faux fur ball I found MJ Trim online shop. I’ve been looking for a fur pom-pom ball for a while. I… View Post

I was browsing for jewelry supplies at my craft stored and once I saw this darling antler charm, I had to make something with it! That something turned into a cool tassel to accessorize my… View Post

I have a daughter who is crazy about sweets, desserts and cakes. She is my little partner in crime when we go to a bakery or the delicious dessert section at Whole Foods. The reason… View Post

How are you doing this week? I am well into a summer routine at home with the kids, trying to take advantage of every ounce of sunshine we are getting this summer. If this is… View Post

Hello! This project, has been one the most creative crafts I’ve done in a while. I came up with my idea about a month ago while supervising a field trip to the Botanical Gardens with… View Post

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me, “How do you spell your name again?” “U-R-S-U-L-A ” I respond. Usually, this happens at Starbucks, or any other place that requires my name spelled.… View Post

Happy Monday! Ok, I just didn’t say that… Can Mondays be happy? Is all in the attitude we have right? As I write this, I’m in a bustling Tully’s coffee shop, listening to my workout… View Post