Friday Finds

How are you? I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend and for some warm weather too!  Please take a look below at a few finds I’ve curated for you and enjoy… View Post

Friday Finds: Dreaming of the perfect life

Friday Finds: Dreaming of the perfect life Who has the perfect life? If you think about it, you might have someone, friend, co-worker, a celebrity that looks like they have “the perfect ‘ life. Or… View Post

Friday Finds: Summer Vacation

Friday Finds: Summer Vacation Soooo, how have you been? I’ve been in full Summer mode at home, taking the kids to the lake, going to the gym and trying to spend as much time as… View Post

Friday Finds

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I’ve been doing quite a bit of decluttering at home. Probably Spring fever and the… View Post

Friday Finds – Free things that are AWESOME and bring happiness!

Free things that are AWESOME and bring happiness! Compliments: Who doesn’t love a genuine compliment? I’m (trying) to make a habit of truly noticing the people I interact with like a Starbucks barista, and give… View Post

Friday Finds: Mindfulness workbook

Mindfulness, a word that you might be hearing a lot nowadays. What does it mean? I learned from my mindfulness workbook by Flow magazine that it means to pay attention to what is happening at… View Post

Friday Finds

My lovely readers and new readers! Another week whizzed by and I have my favorite picks on crafting, fashion and home decor nicely compiled for you ? Who doesn’t love to get organized? Darby smart has the… View Post

Friday’s finds

Hello readers! This is my first “Friday finds” post where I’ll share with you a few ideas, tips, discoveries that may be helpful or just plain fun! Here they go, in no particular order: I am… View Post

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