The following links are affiliate links, please read more about affiliate links on kraft&mint here. These babies are on my Mother’s day wish list! Though I own #3, you can never have too many… View Post

Are you smirking yet? “Mom knows best?” Yes indeed, we do! Haha, I designed a stationery card for Mother’s day coming up before we know it. As a mom, I honestly wish I was always… View Post

Mother’s day is around the corner! I’m looking forward to my daughter’s tea party thrown by her preschool this week. I’m not sure what’s planned for mother’s day, but if it were up to me,… View Post

What are the best gifts for Mother’s day? I don’t have the answer to that… But I do know that you can make any gift pretty and extra special with this DIY pineapples tea towels… View Post

Is it just me? Or are we all living in an accelerated time warp? One week, feels like one day! If you are still looking for a mother’s day card, kraft&mint modern mother’s day card… View Post

Hello! How are you? Another month is flying by, and Mother’s day is this coming Sunday! I have a little gift for you, a modern mother’s day card. All you need to do is print… View Post

I have been perusing my favorite blogs, etsy shops, and what not and here a few favorites. Maybe you can draw some ideas from this list too! Washi Tape Set Mint Dream Book end brackets (I… View Post

I love my mom. I would love to give her something special that includes a card, pictures of the kids, quotes from her favorite books and any other mementos I have captured the last few… View Post