DIY Modern Easy Easter Eggs

DIY Modern Easy Easter Eggs Hello! At last, I had thirty minutes between getting home from school and soccer practice to make Easter eggs decor for my Easter table. About a month ago during a… View Post

DIY Modern Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

DIY Modern Valentine’s Day Bookmarks Valentine’s Day will be here in no time and if you are looking for a cute and quick craft here it is! Drumroll, all you need are two materials, ok,… View Post

DIY Geometric Vases

DIY Geometric Vases Hello! Today I’m sharing with you a super easy DIY using four craft supplies and one hour of your time! Take a look ;) Materials Two wood vases Acrylic Paint (alum gray) Vellum… View Post

Make a lovely charm bracelet in 30 minutes or less

How was your winter break? The hubs took the kids to play in the snow while I continued to organize the house from the holidays galore. We visited a couple of indoor playgrounds and enjoyed… View Post

DIY Pastel Pumpkins Tutorial

My first pumpkin craft of the season! I think these would look great in a child’s bedroom, and I’m positive my daughter will snag them ;) Please take a look at the tutorial below. This craft… View Post

DIY Pin Board

contentment [kuh n-tent-muh nt]  noun the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease ofmind. Are you content? Contentment is a word we use a lot at home. If you have children, by now you know little or big kids are always asking for more. Aren’t we… View Post

Make Minty Hair Ties

 Quick Craft {3 materials or less}   By now, you have noticed how much I adore the color mint! I made the hair ties above using fold over elastic, wood beads and a couple of… View Post

Quick Craft: Paper Necklaces

My daughter has been asking me to make her a necklace and I had the chance to experiment with paper and waxed cotton cord to make her one. My daughter’s favorite color is turquoise and… View Post

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