Artful Blogging Magazine

Have you heard of Artful Blogging magazine? This lovely mag was one of the catalysts that inspired me to start my blog! Around three years ago, I was at Barnes and Noble taking a mental… View Post

Happy St Patrick’s Day Printables & Treats

Hello! How are you? Happy St Patrick’s Day! My day started with my oldest son pinching my middle son and five-year-old daughter. They both were bawling at the top of their lungs and very upset… View Post

Quick Craft St Patrick’s Day Accessories

Hello dear readers! It only seemed very fitting that today I also post these green accessories I made a few weeks ago. I used the same technique and materials as on a previous guest blog… View Post

Make Modern St Patrick’s Day Crafts

  [highlight]Update:[/highlight] I have not forgotten about St Patrick’s Day! This craft is one of my favorite seasonal projects from last year and wanted to highlight it on the homepage and inspire your next St Patrick’s… View Post

St Patrick’s Day Crafts

Are you ever SO excited when working on a new project that you can NOT wait to share it on your blog? I’ve been working on a couple of crafts for St Patrick’s day and… View Post

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