Gifts: Aqua & White Wedding Gift DIY Wrap

Today I’m on my way to a wedding 2 hours away from home. So I had in my hands lots of time to quickly post one of my favorite quick crafts: wrapping a gift! Please… View Post

Princess party invitation for DIY Princess Party

When evite fails ( which is often ) pretty snail mail comes to the rescue. I finished the printed invitations for my daughter’s party. Everything is coming along nicely and this will probably be the… View Post

Princess party {part3}

June 15th is approaching faster than I thought and I’ve been squeezing little time, here and there to check off items of my list. The party favors are evolving and the idea below is the… View Post

Princess Party {Part 2}

Ben Franklins is my happy place and here I found the paper, chipboard and tulle for the birthday pennant. Once you buy your paper at Ben Franklins, you can use ALL their dies for FREE!… View Post

Princess Party {part 1}

I’m starting to plan my daughter’s 4th birthday party. She has requested a princess party, which surprises me, because she has 2 older brothers, and she is all about cars, rockets, airplanes etc. Now, I… View Post

Library baby shower

I threw a library baby shower for a dear friend that is having a boy. Everyone bought a favorite book to build a future library for baby boy. I gathered lots of great ideas and put… View Post

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