This Valentine’s Day I put together a photo block display for the hubs, using a few of my fave pics of the kids and me. Then I created a lovely garland using white leather and… View Post

Lately, life has me a bit down. How could I tell? By my writing. While I was organizing a few areas of the blog, I reread this post and this post from a year ago.… View Post

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Did you make any new year’s goals for 2015? On my end, I would like to develop one habit and stick to it. Please visit tinyprints blog to read… View Post

Hello! Do you save your Christmas cards from previous years? I started a little tradition of displaying my old Christmas cards as a timeline. It reminds me how blessed we are and how much has… View Post

Gold has won me over again! I made this wire garland for tinyprints blog and today the post is live. Please head over to tinyprints blog to view a full tutorial and materials I used.… View Post

How many times have you seen a piece of furniture, or an accessory decor and thought “I love this, I could totally re-do a room based on this design!”. This thought crossed my mind while… View Post

Hello! How is your week going? Summer is lovely and super active over at our household. Keeping it real, I’m quite tired… Between swimming lessons for the kids, late bedtime routines and the never-ending laundry… View Post

Today I’m a guest at tinyprint’s blog sharing a craft inspired by one of their birthday party invitations. To view the full tutorial and various Easter crafts please view the following article: “An Artsy Easter Brunch” guest… View Post